June 29, 2019

Fellow Lions:

As Amy and I prepare to join the Lions of the World at the 102nd International Convention in Milan, I would like to provide you with information regarding my status as MD4 California’s Endorsed Candidate for International Director.

Four weeks ago, I received a phone call from International 2nd Vice President Haynes Townsend. It was a call that I was anticipating; however, it was not the call that I expected.

Judge Townsend asked that I step aside from consideration to be an International Director in Milan, Italy. I reluctantly accepted.

He stated that with 13 qualified USA candidates vying for only 6 seats, a very difficult decision was made to select candidates from multiple districts that had waited many years to seat an International Director.

Judge Townsend also stated that California should be proud to have endorsed a well-qualified candidate, along with Lion Amy – and to continue the excellent work and be confident to be elected in Singapore in 2020.

So, there it is – I will not be elected an International Director in Milan. It should be noted that 4 of the last 5 of MD4 California’s Endorsed Candidates have been asked to step aside for at least one year.

For 2019-2020, I will remain proud and excited to be your Endorsed Candidate for International Director. I will continue my commitment to do everything I can to support and strengthen the members and clubs of MD4 California. I will actively support one of the best Leadership Development programs in Lions; I will do everything I can to help increase membership and make the North American Membership Initiative (NAMI), a template for success; I will do my part to sustain our leadership in raising funds for LCIF; I will work hard to increase support and funding for the Lions Rose Float and our renewed partnership with City of Hope; and I will enthusiastically support the valuable projects and programs that California Lions proudly serve.

That is my plan for the coming year – a year that many of us know will fly by very quickly. It’s a year that Lion Amy and I look forward to – busy as ever, but most of the time here, in California.

Thank you again for your support and thank you always for your service.

Looking forward to being with many of you in Milan!

Lion Ken

Ken Ibarra, PDG
Endorsed Candidate for ID
MD4 California