Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
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What is difference between Community Account and Admin Account?
  • Every dollar raised from the community must go back to the community, so Lions clubs have two bank accounts to donate to charitable causes and pay for their expenses: one for Community and one for Admin.
  • The Community account is for all funds raised from the community. The Admin account is the only account that can be used to pay for club expenses and is raised solely by donations and fees from Lions. Any fundraiser a club has to fund their Admin account must clearly state that all funds raised are for the Admin account and every effort needs to be made to invite only Lions and their immediate families. All community funds raised must go back to community.
  • Community funds raised are donated to charitable causes, usually stated in the fundraiser program. Typically clubs will donate to causes that support Youth Programs, Senior support, Veterans, Eyesight prevention and treatment programs, Lions and charitable foundations (i.e. Lions Eye Foundation, Canine Companions for Independence, Inc, etc.), and other community programs. Admin funds raised pay for club supplies and membership benefits like subsidized conventions, apparel, and fellowship events. Each club has their own program for what they do for their members.
  • PDG = Past District Governor
  • PIP = Past International President
  • LCIF = Lions Clubs International Foundation
  • LEF = Lions Eye Foundation
  • PCP = Past Council Chair - the leader of the MD4 council of governors - all 15 District Governors in the MD4 for a given year. Annually, a PDG is elected to serve as the Council Chair of the 15 District Governors in MD4, which is all of California.
  • Melvin Jones Fellowship = $1000 donation to LCIF
  • Helen Keller Fellowship = $1000 donation to LEF
  • Don Stanaway Fellowship = single $250 / life $500 donation to LEF
  • Fred W. Smith Fellowship = $500 donation to Student Speaker Foundation
  • LYCA = Lions Youth and Community Activities Raffle Program
  • Cabinet Meeting = quarterly meeting featuring the District leadership and committee chairs giving reports to the membership about the status of their committee business. Typically, the Governors will invite their counterparts from other Districts to come in and speak as guests at the meeting. The program also includes training from the GLT / GMT team, a breakfast and lunch, and a segment where clubs can promote their upcoming events to the audience.
  • Council Meeting = a monthly meeting where clubs in either San Mateo County and City Palo Alto, or San Francisco as a whole, meet to share ideas, coordinate activities, and engage in fellowship with each other.  Both the Peninsula and SF Coordinating Councils present an annual Police & Fire Awards Banquet Dinner to honor the Police & Fire professional in their local communities.
  • GLT / GMT Training = held quarterly, these are 2-3 hour training sessions by the GLT / GMT Training Team to train Lions on officer roles, troubleshoot club management challenges, and teach other pertinent topics of Lionism